Mark Wyatt

While the output of street photography may be artistic, its process is
unlike any other art form. It is chaotic and unpredictable, impulsive
and instinctive rather than planned or calculated. That is not to say
that it is not intentional; only nature can be both artistic and
unintentional – street scenes arrive so quickly and often unexpectedly
that a composition is grabbed rather than created.
The street photographer’s modus is to react to the environment rather
than control it. The result is final and permanent; if the intended
image was missed by a fraction of a second or a fraction of an angle,
then it was missed entirely, and it was missed forever. As a result,
the street photographer suffers reiterated disappointment. But then
also as a result, successful images, the ones that truly capture what was
imagined and intended, are precious, and trigger vivid internal celebrations
for both the photographer and the audience.
That is the goal anyway.


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